What is IonOS?

IonOS is a simple (and Uruguayan) GNU/Linux distro ready to use, based on Debian Wheezy (7), uses the MATE DE (the Gnome 2 desktop environment fork), and give you a fantastic out of the box experience. We have 2 versions of IonOS, Free and non Free edition. IonOS comes in the form of a Live DVD for regular PC (i586/i686/x86_64) systems.

Requirements to run:
~512 Mb RAM
x86 PROC (i586/i686/x86_64)

*IonOS is Debian Wheezy with another package selection and MATE DE, all credits to debian developers, debian community,, and mate-de devs


*Wallpaper by

*** After install please do:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


  • Free and Open Source(Free edition)
  • Linux based
  • Free (like free beer)
  • Fully compatible with Debian wheezy
  • Spanish and Portuguese ready to use
  • Office work oriented
  • Lots of programs (LibreOffice, Internet Browsing, Entertainment (VLC, Smplayer, Audacious, etc)
  • Utilities (backup, logviewer, vnc, etc))
  • Printer Support
  • Windows LAN support(SAMBA)

IonOS Repository

Install, do sudo apt-get update and install ionos-free or ionos-nonfree, apt-get install ionos-*

IonOS repo have some packages from others wheezy based distros and projects, like: teamviewer retroshare freetype-infinality steam truco4gnu terminator skype skype-call-recorder opera kazam jdownloader insync hamachi compton

Download IonOS3:

Hybrid ISO images pae and 486

Main Site



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