30 Things I Learnt With LOTR


1 – Doesn’t matter how small you think you’re, the aim of your arms and legs are not important, but the strenght of your heart. You can change the world if you believe in yourself, not only the untouchable lords are in charge of it.

2 – There’s always gonna be an undying beauty lying beyond the reach of the deepest darkness. A light for you in the darkest places, when all the other lights go out.

3 – Pity and mercy are always well rewarded at the end.

4 – It doesn’t matter if they will or not know of what you do. You need to do it for yourself.

5 – Prejudice and old skirmishes will only prevent you from making the best and truest friendships ever. Take Legolas and Gimli as an example!

6 – A true king (lider) fights and believes in his people, he goes with them til the very end, even if it leads to his own death.

7 – Forests, trees, nature are alive, and they might get tired of those who keep on biting the hand that always fed the living beings.

8 – Everything you’re passing is temporary, so keep going and never turn back cause even the deepest pain one day shall pass, the deepest wound shall be healed, and a new day will come and you’ll see everything you most wished for turning into real.

9 – Hope shall remain while you remain true to your friends and family.

10 – Never vow to walk in the dark, if you have not seen the nightfall.

11 – There will always gonna be evil, but it’s not the only force that rules the world. It’s up to you to decide between the right and the wrong paths.

12 – A true friend will always stand by you, aid you on your darkest moments and he’ll never ever leave you. A true friend knows no boundaries, and he will always be there for you.

13 – There’ll always be something worth fighting for, as long as good wanders in the world.

14 – Never throw your life so rashly. You’ll be needed until the end.

15 – All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

16 – Never underestimate someone. They shall surprise you even after long years.

17 – Death is just another path. One that we all must take.

18 – Never let dispair blind your eyes. It will narrow and hide the right path from you.

19 – If everything comes to fail and if the destiny conspires even against your breath, hope will never leave you, a new sun shall rise tomorrow and with it your chance to change your existence. It’s in your hands.

20 – Humility, courage, braveness, love and friendship are men greatest gifts.

21 – Everyone has their role to interpret before the end. Everyone is here because they’re meant to. And you shall find the reason why you’re.

22 – True love knows no boundaries, not even immortality.

23 – The evil ones will never see beyond their own malice, they’ll always underestimate what they do not know, and it’s there where lies their biggest fragility and thus their defeat.

24 – Humble repentance is always rewarded with forgiveness.

25 – Never doubt of a lady. A pale and sorrowful one may hide beneath her skin, a boiling blood waiting to be fired and leed her whole body to battle.

26 – Never confine yourself in a cage, you can fight for your dreams and for those whom you love.

27 – Be yourself, never hide under the shadow of someone they expect you to be. Stand for your dreams, you’re not here to please anyone, but yourself.

28 – Leave behind what is haunting you. Sometimes something that glitters at first instance, may only bring you dispair and suffering, leave it before it takes hold of you.

29 – It’s times when a major evil threats all the livings beings and a major fear strikes everyone’s hearts, that we need to set our differences apart and unite to save our world, because at the end it doesn’t matter from which country you’re from, to which race you belong, we’re all part of the whole and it’s worth fighting for it.

30 – The most real things in life cannot be seen. There’s always gonna be a world that our hands can’t reach, but our soul can get in, and it’ll always be there as long as you need and believe in it.






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